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Welcome to Social Media Footprints blog! I’m so glad that you found me today, as I am committed to offering you the ultimate online resource on social media. This blog is loaded with posts which will take the guesswork out of creating successful social media campaigns.

I’m the driving force behind Social Media Footprints, and my name is Philip Rucker.

Benefit from Years of Experience

I started my career by working in a digital agency which attracted the business of some blue-chip clients and also helped lesser-known companies to build their online presences to critical mass. I’ve helped many businesses to grow by running effective social media campaigns.

Since I bring real-world experience to the table, you may trust the facts and advice that you find on this blog.

When I decided to branch out to freelancing and blogging, I knew I was moving towards something truly fulfilling. I love sharing all that I’ve learned with new people. Visitors may leverage my extensive social media knowledge and experience to make the most of their own online enterprises.

Whether you’re selling a good or service or positioning yourself as an online expert and “influencer,” you should know that bookmarking our blog and reading it will help you to hit the target with the types of people who are interested in your niche.

I am here to help! So, why not read my blog today?