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Don’t Make These Paid Facebook Ad Mistakes

Philip Rucker 0

If you're an online entrepreneur and you want to get maximum ROI (return on investment) from your paid Facebook ads, then you need to know which pitfalls should be avoided. It is possible to make mistakes when buying these ads.

When you avoid the errors, you'll be able to get your money's worth and more!

Today, I'm going to share some of the most common Facebook ad mistakes. Knowledge is power and learning what you shouldn't do will give you an edge as you leverage the power and potential of the world's most popular and addictive social media platform...

Buying Ads Without a Goal in Mind

You definitely need to know what you want from paid Facebook ads. It's possible to target the ads a lot more effectively when you have a goal in mind. For example, do you want more engagement and social media success? Are you interested in pushing a great product or service? Different goals require different Facebook ad parameters.

Once you establish a goal and buy your ads, use the right metrics to track your Facebook ad progress. Examples include "likes", click-throughs to your website and post-level engagement. This just scratches the surface!

When you achieve a goal, such as building the social media presence of your company by getting one hundred "likes" of your business page, you'll know that your investment in these ads is paying off.

Utilizing an Incorrect Advertisement Format

Sometimes, newbies aren't certain of the correct ad formats for their particular campaigns. Another scenario is that ads have been running but no analysis of their success or failure has been performed. This second scenario may mean that ads with the wrong formats are being displayed to Facebook users daily.

This social media platform evolves constantly. For example, the platform releases brand-new ad formats regularly. A new one is a Canvas-style ad, which includes an in-page launch of rich media assets (full-screen style).

When researching a platform, select one which suits your ideal customers to perfection, as well as your overall campaign goal. You may need to iterate later on, based on how a campaign progresses.

Your Ad Sets Have Too Many Ads

Every campaign on the platform features an ad set. This is a set of single ads which feature bid information, a bid type, targeting information, a schedule and a lifetime (or daily budget).

For best results, we think that placing a limit of five individual advertisements per set is smart. If there are more ads than this in a set, they probably won't display to sufficient people to give you usable results. It'll be harder to track your progress, whether it's good or bad.

Your Target Isn't Defined

Broad targeting is generally a blunder. When you use the targeting features at your disposal in order to practice truly effective targeting, you'll be able to reach out to prospective customers who are likely to buy what you sell.

Also, you'll hurt your brand when your ads show to people who have no interest in what you're offering. People who don't fit your customer avatar (a composite of your customer's interests) may perceive your ads as annoying spam.

Take Care With Your Ads

When you use these tips and then follow a thoughtful and logical Facebook ad campaign creation process, you'll be able to roll out ads which hit the target with the right types of people. Also, you'll find that our expert tips make it easier to track the success (or lack thereof) of your campaign.

Since you're paying for these ads, they will need to pay for themselves over time in terms of bringing your company buzz, sales, and positive feedback. They can and probably will, as long as you choose the right ads, the right targeting features, and the right goal.

I believe that paid Facebook ads are a solid investment. Facebook has billions of regular users all over the world, and you probably won't be able to reach most of them if you don't buy paid ads which put your business right in front of their smart phones, tablets, and computers.

When you create an effective campaign which is targeted, and know which metrics must be tracked in order to gauge success, you'll dramatically boost the odds of superb paid Facebook ad ROI.