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MailChimp Users Take Note: You Can Now Run Instagram Ads

Philip Rucker 0

Users of the popular email client MailChimp now have access to a powerful new option; they can run an ad campaign on Instagram through their MailChimp email client. This powerful new update came hot on the heels of the email marketing platform added the ability to launch ad campaigns on Facebook using their email marketing tools.

Which is great news and all, but it begs the question; why? Why use MailChimp to run those ad campaigns?

Here's why: your existing MailChimp lists.

Harnessing the interests and demographics of your best users, you can target potential customers by selecting for individuals who share qualities with your existing clientele. As MailChimp themselves put it, you can target people who look like your best customer segments; finding and attracting the audience you're looking for, right from your MailChimp contacts.

It's precise

When it comes to options, you can target your current lists - leveraging existing information to reach out to new customers who share interests and demographics with your existing clientele - or you can go deeper, looking for a particular segment of the population by manually defining interests for your search.

Within that scope, you can likewise refine your target audience so that it only shows ads to individuals in a certain location, between a particular age range, of a given gender, and so on.

Set your budget, and - don't skip this part - create the ad, and MailChimp will give you tailored feedback on your new campaign's ROI and other useful feedback.

You already expend a ton of time and energy in making sure your brand/product photography is top-notch; now you can use those great images to bring in new customers.